Game Changers Summit

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The #1 law firm growth conference demands a successful show for 5,000+ attendees By creating a tailored experience in a space purpose built for professional sports, we crafted the platform for impactful messages to be clearly delivered. In less than 144 hours, our teams worked tirelessly around the clock to transform the venue from a professional sporting event, to leadership summit, back to professional sporting event with no room for error. Spanning from end zone to end zone, our ground supported structure played host to nearly 400 moving lights consuming over 300kW of power all driven by a fleet of consoles communicating over the venue’s fiber infrastructure. An accurate 3D representation of the venue and lighting system proved absolutely critical to the show’s success given the tight turnaround between rig completion and show start. Over 5,000 lawyers showed up to witness A-list celebrities, legal legends, industry experts, and special guest Boyz II Men take the stage under our lights.